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Staff Directory

A listing of library employees and their contact information.

Library Staff

Library Director
Shelley Williams (whisw@llcoop.org)

Assistant Director, Reference/Non-Fiction - Assistant Librarian
Pam Osborn (whipso@llcoop.org)

Adult Collection Development Assistant Librarian
Renee Bolde (whirmb@llcoop.org)

Adult Programming Assistant Librarian
Laurie Gilbert (whilg@llcoop.org)

Youth Services–Programming/Publicity Assistant Librarian
Virginia DeMumbrum  (whivmd@llcoop.org)

Youth Services–Collection Development Assistant Librarian
Melissa Sroka (whimss@llcoop.org)

Circulation/Customer Services Manager
Susan Dreyer(whisld@llcoop.org)

Tina Versaw (whitmv@llcoop.org)

Library Aide
Linda West

Library Aide
Lisa Eitniear

Library Aide
Mary Ann Wolter

Library Aide
Scott Keller

Facility Manager
Lynn Zatalokin